Spotlight –Home of Halloween

This case study has previously appeared on the Facebook success stories website.

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The Brief

Spotlight is Australia’s largest fabric, crafts, party and home interiors superstore. It’s a family-owned and operated business with over 140 stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Spotlight’s founders started off at their family stall at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market. Their strong drive and business acumen led them to opening their first store in Malvern in September of 1973, and the business has grown from strength to strength ever since.

The aim of the promotion was to understand the impact of social media on direct sales.

The Challenge

To help its customers shop how and when they want, Spotlight is focused on creating a 360-degree “omni-channel” retail experience that integrates the customer experience across all channels: web, social, mobile, in-store, etc. Its digital strategy plays a big part in this, allowing Spotlight to showcase and offer products through its online store, while inspiring customer creativity through Facebook and Instagram, especially on mobile.

With insights showing that Halloween had become a big part of Australian culture, Spotlight wanted to create a campaign that would help position it as the “Home of all things Halloween”. It also wanted to measure if this campaign could drive sales both in-store and online.

The Solution

Our CEO, in his role as Head of Marketing and Digital, used the Facebook ads platform, to create a 3-stage campaign to make Halloween the biggest conversation topic of the month, and Spotlight a big contributor to the celebrations.

For the first stage, the team created 3 fun and spooky Halloween video ads to get people thinking about decorating their homes, cooking treats and other simple things they could do to get in the spirit. To ensure it reached the right audience, Spotlight used Custom Audiences to find the people with creative flair within its large pool of loyal customers.

After people had watched the videos, Spotlight then used link ads to drive them to its Halloween campaign webpage and local awareness ads for multiple locations to direct customers to their nearest Spotlight store. Spotlight also geo-fenced each store so it could match each customer’s location with their nearest store.

Finally, the retailer used dynamic ads optimised for website conversion to encourage people to visit its website. The dynamic ads, plus Facebook’s retargeting options, allowed Spotlight to personalise the content based on how people reacted to the campaign and how close to a purchase they were. Spotlight also used the offline conversion measurement solution to track the impact on in-store sales.

The campaign proved that every digital interaction Spotlight has with customers contributes to driving people to visit a store, and vice versa. It demonstrated that inspiring stories shared on social media drive deep connections with customers, which ultimately leads to strong commercial outcomes.

The Results

Spotlight’s October 2016 campaign linked its brand with Halloween celebrations down under, while increasing sales both online and in-store.

This campaign delivered the following results in just one month:

  • 13.9% increase in incremental sales
  • 21X return on ad spend
  • 17% increase in message association
* This was a campaign undertaken by our CEO in his role at the company, not Firefly360 directly. However, he was the architect of the campaign and actively involved in it.