Draftstars – Beat Barry Digital Video campaign

The Brief

Draftstars offers daily fantasy sports betting in Australia for sports such as the AFL, NBA, NRL, NFL and Cricket. This is big business in the USA, but a new concept for Australia.

Draftstars adds a whole new dimension to the excitement of live sport. Taking all the best parts of sports betting, Supercoach and AFL Fantasy (Dreamteam) it packages this into one exhilarating daily sports competition. Best of all, by choosing a “game” you can challenge for the huge cash prizes on offer every day.

All that is required to download the App, select a specified number of players competing in any H2H sports game, then watch as you take others on from around Australia to win a share of the prize pool.

The Challenge

To introduce this “complex” concept to Australia for AFL Finals in 2017 through a promotion designed to drive trial of the Draftstars product.

The Draftstars team concepted a promotion to make it simple to understand the Draftstars product with an idea engaging enough to drive significant new users.

The idea was called “Beat Barry” which enabled anyone for free to select a team and take on former Sydney and Western Bulldogs superstar Barry Hall’s team to win significant cash prizes. All you needed to do was beat Barry’s team to be in the prizes.

The aim of which was to create 15,000+ new users of the product, with the view that this would drive the primary objective of funded (people depositing money in their account) playing customers.

The Solution

A previously produced TV commercial aired on Channel 7 TV and Fox Sports. Our focus was around creating something that would work socially and across digital channels to gain mass reach.

We enlisted Barry Hall again and matched him with current and past players to create some sense of tension around the Beat Barry concept. Players we used to match with Barry Hall were Josh Kennedy (Sydney), Luke Hodge (Hawthorn) and Dyson Heppell (Essendon).

We scripted and worked with Channel 7 and Fox Sports to produce a range of 15” and 30” online video spots with each player giving Barry a hard time about his subpar performance. Each time Barry would raise the stakes “giving away more money”.

This was promoted across YouTube, Facebook and the AFL website with display digital running across major media sites such as thewest.com.au and news.com.au.

The Results

The campaign overall delivered 19,101 new customer signups with Victoria and WA driving the most interest. Digital drove 4,000+ of these signups with a Unique Audience seeing the ads at 3.7 million. The result of which was $1 million + in revenue for the business (existing and new players).

On social media the videos produced, which ran pre-game, were viewed 56,232 times (10 seconds minimum) at a Cost per View under 10 cents.

Alongside this we worked with Fox Sports to create branded editorial articles about Barry Hall’s view of the finals each week, with his team to beat embedded in the story.

Search was also aligned to this campaign timeframe driving 2,000+ signups at a cost of $11 each which is record breaking in terms of acquisition cost.

* This was a campaign undertaken by our CEO in his role at the company, not Firefly360 directly. However, he was the architect of the campaign and actively involved in it.