Barking Gecko –Leading kids theatre online

The Brief

Barking Gecko Theatre Company is Western Australia’s locally cherished, nationally significant company creating and touring world-class theatre for children and family. Inspiring audiences of all ages to embrace a creative life full of curiosity, empathy and play – when Barking Gecko Theatre Company briefed us to completely rejuvenate the brand’s online presence and provide a platform for future growth online and through social media , we took to the challenge with gusto.

The Approach

We focused on creating a far richer online experience for Barking Gecko’s primary audiences of mums and kids. We sought to create a website that would have high visual impact and appeal and that would speak directly to them about the purpose and fun associated with kids theatre. Our goal was to encourage greater involvement from new and old audiences with the theatre company through its productions and its range of teaching and holiday programs.

Working closely with our partner agency Clarity and Barking Gecko we helped to reimagine the heart and soul of the brand: uncovering the brand’s secret weapon against its competitors. The team discovered that everything came back to the concept of Play. 

The Let’s Play tagline across digital and social assets helps Barking Gecko to connect with others. Let’s Play creates new openness. Let’s Play ignites a level of fun and charisma that people will remember.

Let’s Play sets the feel and tone for the new website and social assets.

The  revamped, signature Barking Gecko logo was created by Clarity to bring back elements of the theatre company’s original gecko symbol. A gecko was the theatre company’s original and much loved logo nearly 30 years ago, and the new logo hints at the presence of the Gecko without fully revealing this unique creature.

“Although small, the Barking Gecko has a loud voice. It can run up a wall or over a ceiling and look at things from a totally new perspective.”

So we used the website as a wonderful opportunity to bring the logo to life with striking homepage animations that are designed to appeal to kids and their mums, and to provide a different perspective on the way a kids theatre company looks.

To enhance the overall feel of the site, we executed visual illustrations to connect with our audiences and implemented on-brand calls-to-action.

The website was designed and developed by our team, and the Facebook and Instagram assets have been rebranded to match.

A range of easy online booking opportunities is now available for productions and kids lessons and holiday activities.

The website appeals to mums and kids, and demonstrates to a wide range of stakeholders, including sponsors, the arts sector and international companies seeking new productions, that Barking Gecko is a highly professional, leading and trusted kids theatre company. It shows the importance of creative arts in children’s education and everyday life.

Visit the wonderful new Barking Gecko website and Let’s Play.