Let’s be frank. We’ve got a plethora of marketing agencies. There are hundreds of creative houses, media buyers, social consultants, developers, content teams and production studios. And yet, with all this support and advice, life as a marketer isn’t getting any easier. In fact, I’d wager it’s got exponentially harder.

As marketers we’re dealing with an explosion in new media channels (with the same budgets), diminished brand loyalty, advertising blindness, a multi-screen consumer, unrivalled customer expectations, the need for deeper personalisation, data and measurement complexity, there’s privacy concerns and we also need strategies for a full 360-degree customer (offline/online) experience.

It’s just not easy being a marketer in the new digitised world.

Firstly, marketing isn’t what it used to be.

For all the above reasons, we need to look at things a little differently.

What we’re facing is the biggest revolution in marketing since the inception of radio and TV. From smartphones and computers to smart TVs and VR headsets, people can experience content anytime, anywhere, and with anyone they choose. This proliferation of content and 24/7 access means the power to define what’s really worth watching has shifted.

Consumers are also super smart, well informed, cynical and getting their attention is seriously hard. People are now adept at filtering out the advertising noise. They are fast forwarding over TV ads, getting personalised news bulletins via apps, streaming content when and how they want it and social feeds are designed to skip over anything that doesn’t interest us.

Brands aren’t loved like they once were. Consumers are promiscuous. Even our favourite brands can be replaced if something better asserts itself. The transparency of the internet has killed a lot of the magic of the big bold advertising campaigns. Trust has been replaced with the certainty of reviews, recommendations and ratings — a more transparent and democratic substitute.

It’s just not enough anymore to get your message in front of potential customers, they have to be part of it and want it (not have to watch it). We need to create content that helps make life easier, is compelling to watch, then we need to personalise it based on pre-existing behaviour to create something truly valuable.

The other problem is the marketing function has been diminished, from establishing the right mix of products, pricing, place and has come to largely be the ever increasing complexities of promotion. You can’t really “do” digital if all you do is banner ads and social posts. You now need new digital products, a complete understanding of how they trade and when, plus a strong grip on your distribution platforms of choice.

It all sounds obvious, but such an approach requires a fundamental reboot of traditional marketing, which was largely defined by TV commercials and press adverts.

Second, where we put our message has radically changed

We are seeing a seismic and fundamental shift in the way we consume content.

And for marketers this is not only where people are consuming the media, but also the explosion of channels available we need to manage.

We’re now living in the post digital world. It’s not something you have a choice in anymore. Digital is now consumed by 99% of Australians, compared to radio (85%) and TV (82%). So, first thing we need to do is start thinking about digital ideas first and not digital as an afterthought the way many agencies do.

Consumption stats show this trend. Over the past five years TV consumption is down 10%, magazines (down 11%), radio (down 2%) and newspapers (down 37%).  The main shift we’re seeing is at the 18 – 24 year old age group where there is a clear movement away from commercial TV consumption.

In its place we are simply switching our time to Internet usage (up 2% to 99% of people), streaming TV (up 77%), streaming video (up 43%) and Pay TV (up 54%).

Where to put your message now is fundamentally more difficult.


Third. Agencies are struggling too.

There’s a lot of old habits out there.

The problem faced by many big agencies is it’s hard to be setup to meet the needs of today’s highly connected consumer. Technology needs to be state-of-the-art, mobile development is expensive, platforms and algorithms are changing daily, cultural change is hard and clients in many cases are in the same position.  

Specialist agencies are also not well placed as they can only see one piece of the larger puzzle, hence it makes it difficult for true scalable success.

 The days of blindly rolling out TV commercials in social or worse running digital banner advertising that extends the reach of a campaign, are over (please!). Our challenge now is to look at the overall experience demanded by customers and develop solutions that meet these needs.

So, it’s our belief that it’s time we re-invented how agencies help marketers and brands in today’s world.

Meet Firefly360

When there’s more of everything — more channels, more choice, more expectation, more noise and less brand familiarity, things have to change.

At Firefly360 we have created a content, strategy and technology agency to provide solutions for the modern age. We’re a Digital First Agency and we’ve recruited a team of digital strategists, developers, designers, modern marketers, content & video creators and analysts to meet the needs of today. We’ve also partnered with the likes of Facebook, Google and other technology partners to give our clients the best strategy possible.

We know the world will continue to change, but we see that as the opportunity. We’re across all the modern technology and we’ve been in your shoes before (many of us have worked in-house) so our recommendations will be grounded in experience and reality.  

We fundamentally believe brands can exceed their potential in the modern age. More channels, more data, more technology and new ways to tell your story means there are so many ways we can help brands succeed.

We’re an agency that can connect all the dots, rather than solve just a piece of the puzzle. Welcome to Firefly360. We’re here to take your brand to a brighter place.