Fredrik Ihre

Digital Experience Manager

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Fred’s our indispensable, wildly talented digital experience manager. Although he’s only a recent full-time transplant to Perth, he completed a double major at Edith Cowan in both advertising and graphic design before temporarily returning to his homeland of Sweden. Around the office, Fred is widely regarded as “the guy who can do anything,” which translates to all of us leaning on him for wisdom about web design, videography and online advertising. He brings over 5 years’ experience working in design, running his own digital agency and as head of production for a sizeable European agency to the team. From flying a drone to crafting seriously beautiful web designs, there’s not much our resident Swede can’t do!

Fred’s go-to social account for a ‘pause’ in the day?
He’s all about the Instagram account @welovewebdesign for a quick and relaxing look at UI, UX and web design trends.