Angela Vitalich

Production Manager

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Ange’s keen eye for design is instrumental in delivering beautiful creative that supports our clients’ content strategies. She has a strong background in the arts, studying visual art before moving into graphic design. Within Firefly360, Ange utilises her diverse skill set to produce video and short animations for clients, designing websites and creating eye-catching marketing collateral for both digital and print. She completed an advanced diploma of graphic design at the Central Institute of Technology, after studying visual art and holding several exhibitions at TAFE.

Ange’s go-to social account for a ‘pause’ in the day?
Pinterest! “I sit on Pinterest all day – it’s my design inspiration and also my life inspiration,” she says. “Being a visual person, I find the site easy to digest and it’s a nice break in my day to source anything from recipes I’m going to make that week, to layout ideas for my next piece of collateral, to gardening inspiration for my next DIY project. It’s a constant source of ideas!”